Monday, April 21, 2008

~~**Altered Brads**~~

hey... here's a little "instructional" for you........... everyone knows what a "brad" is... ok, so you buy a pack and you get a few different colors but they are just plain.... you want something a little different... you want it to be a perfect match... here's how.......

1. Emboss - if you have embossing powder and an embossing gun (heat gun) then grab a pair of tweezers (or pliers) and get ready to alter! First... you hold the brad with the tweezers and heat the head of the brad... immediately dip it into the embossing powder... then you use the heat gun on the brad again. Repeat these steps until you achieve your desired look.

I have a styrofoam cup with small holes in the bottom to place the brads in until they are cool enough to touch.

2. "Sugar Coated" - use clear glue and ultra fine glitter. Simply dip the head of the brad into the glue and then dip it into the ultra fine glitter... place in the bottom of a styrofoam cup and let dry. This gives the brad a "sugar coated" appearance!

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