Thursday, September 25, 2008

**~ Cricut Design Studio ~**

I finally took the plunge and ordered DS! I have been searching everywhere for months and found a place that has it for $39.99! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited! If you are looking for a good price on DS go to and there it is! They have lots of other great items as well!

I am mainly interested in this program because of the font cartridges I have... I would like to make "words" rather than just letters and have to try to piece them together... KWIM?

I'm looking forward to this arriving and using it for everything! : )


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grand Mom!!!

Anonymous said...

i need to buy this. I keep putting it off. I am not sure I would use it, since my laptop is a Mac.

Wife2TJ said...

You will LOVE it. I have DS and it is so much fun to use and saves me so much in paper scraps. lol! :-)