Wednesday, January 28, 2009

**~ Blogs... ~**

for a while now i have been checking out the blogs that others have listed on their blogs ( that kinda sounds like a riddle! LOL )... and anywhooo i have to tell you.... i have found some absolutely INSPIRING works of art... i know my list of blogs is rapidly growing and it may seem overwhelming to get thru all of them.... but if you get a chance you should really really really check these out! Some of these ladies seem to just do cards (rather than LO's) but you can gain a vast amount of inspiration from these for any LO you may want to do!

it's a little time consuming but if you go to any of these blogs and they have other blogs listed... i would encourage you to check these out as well... I can't believe some of these creations! they are absolutely wonderful! keep in mind that a lot of these new blogs i have added to my list are in a foreign language but none-the-less... the work is wonderful! i think i've left a comment on every one of these blogs because i'm just in awe of their work! the styles are unique and many of them have tutorials but even to just go thru the pics... well, it's nothing short of amazing!

* hehehe... can you tell i'm in complete of awe of these ladies?! LOL *

do me a favor... check these blogs out and then come back and leave me a comment about which blog(s) you visited and what you thought of their creations! you won't be disappointed! i promise! : )

*happy scrapping!*

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Norine said...

have to tell you I have been to just about all of them and also subscribe LOL I cant get anything done anymore too much to look at LOL such talent & diff styles its so much fun I could not just pick one, and looking at all the creativity helps us grow and do better. And your one of those people Love coming to your blog