Friday, January 9, 2009

**~ Hey! ~**

I hope this finds you all well and fully recovered from all the "Holiday Hoopla".... it can be exasperating so say the least! This week I've been working on some sketches..... one of the Cricut MB members is putting together a group (anyone can join!) of people that make & utilize sketches in the creating their LO's..... I have done several of my own (never shared them before) so I was a little hesitant about doing this but after thinking it over... I think it's going to be inspiring to share ideas and LO's designs with others! : ) There are so many talented people over on the Cricut MB..... I'm excited about this adventure!

Here's the link to the Sketch Swap..... Join Us! It'll be FUN!!! : )

Ok.... so as I've been busy creating sketches I have also been busy creating some LO's! In addition to actually CLEANING my room! I even managed to do a little "re-arranging"! LOL I say this with a little humor because my room isn't all that big... but it took me TWO DAYS to do this! *sigh* But it was worth it because now I can actually find what I'm looking for!!! LOL My mom would be so proud! LOL : ) I still have a few things that I'm unsure about keeping them where they currently are but for now... it's have to do!

This first LO..... it's a little "different" but it was fun to do and yes... it is my daughter..... 15 years ago! LOL

I designed the entire "Cupcake" in Design Studio (DS) and I was thrilled with how it turned out. I made a few adjustments as I went.... I actually stitched on the "Frosting" but then wasn't too sure I liked it so I cut ginormous (is that even a word?! LOL) piece of white ribbon... pressed it in half length-wise.... then just done a "running stitch" from end to end.... pulled it just enough to fit around the outer edge of the "Frosting" and then applied adhesive. For the Brackets I found those on one of my Cricut carts (can't remember which one right now) but I just turned them sideways in DS and stretched them! For the Cherry.... well, that's actually an apple from Doodle Charms with a hand cut stem! I did keep all the .cut files I have created.... I just don't know how to post them to my blog..... perhaps one day I'll learn to do that! LOL

This LO was really easy to do! It's for my DT Challenge #7.... over at If you want to see what everybody else on the DT has been doing then jump on over and check it out! : )

Let me give you a little back-ground about the events taking place in this LO..... The lovely young lady in the blue coat is my beautiful little girl..... the lady in the plaid jacket is my MIL and the gentleman in the red hat is my FIL..... almost every October our family gets together to make Apple Butter..... once everything is all cooked down and the spices are added..... it's time to do "The TEST"..... LOL.... you have to scoop out a few spoonfuls of the boiling Apple Butter and you just use a spoon to seperate it on the a little dish..... if it runs right back together then it's not cooked enough (or thick enough)..... but if it stays where you put it... then its ready!!! This was my daughters first time getting to do "The TEST"! : ) Oh and FYI..... it was ready!

I hope you have enjoyed some of my most recent creations (& ramblings!)!

Happy Scrapping!!!! : )


Norine said...

oh this Lo is so nice love that little face in the cupcake and liked the story about apple butter sounds yummy

Jenny said...

I love the cupcake!!!! The "frosing" is amazing! I also think that the cherry is so very cute and clever!

Kr├╝mel said...

Both LOs are great! But I love the one with the cupcake!!!! Looks like your daughter wants to reach the cherry...
Will have to keep the apple/cherry thing in my mind!

Jason J Culbertson said...

Your layouts look great, I love the cupcake layout. that is fantastic. I hope you share that one in the sketch book! Talk to you soon! Thanks for the advertising as well. You are the greatest.

Norine said...

I have just started following your blog and really like it so I left a little something for you on my blog