Saturday, March 7, 2009

**~ I'm sorry... ~**

I have neglected my blog these last two or weeks ands it purely because I have been so busy with work and home and IDK what else! But I am hopefully getting back into the groove this weekend! I would love to share something with you though.... I was recently "invited" to "Facebook"..... It's a social-networking site where you chat with friends... ok so I started playing around with the "Friends" search.... and OMG! I found several of my high school friends!!! I'm so excited! So we have been catching up on what everybody has been up to for the last 20 years!!! So with this being said.... I'm inviting all of you to join us on Facebook.... just go to and sign up! It's totally free.... and it's fun!!! And if you are already a "Facebook-Junkie" then send me a friend request!!!! : )

Happy Scrapping!!!!


Jenny said...

Facebook is addicting!!! It is a lot of fun and is easy to spend a lot of time on!!!!

Crystal said...

don't worry about it, cindy! we all get caught up with things and i know that you have been working super hard lately which takes its own toll on you, too! just take care of you and we will all be waiting patiently to look at your awesome creations as soon as post them again. HUGS!!