Wednesday, September 2, 2009

** Uh~Oh! **

How much trouble do you think I can get into just sitting here at work....  with nothing to do....?   
Well, let me tell ya just how much trouble I CAN get into!!!!
It's only Wednesday.....  and I've already bought two (2) Cricut Cartridges off of Ebay!?
I did get them for good prices....  but still?!  I never do that?!  
I bought the Sesame Street Cartridge for....  are you ready for this?!.....   $19.00
Yes, you read it right!  I got it for ONLY $19.00  and it's Brand New!!!!
and HEY?!  Why stop with just ONE cartridge?!  
Of course, I would want the Sports Mania cartridge!  After all, my son played football, baseball & wrestled!  And lets not forget that my daughter played basketball, soccer, softball & tennis!
I snagged this one for $37.00   I wanted it soooo bad.... but refused to pay more than $40.00 for it!  woooohooooo!  I love Ebay!!!

I can't wait this these arrive at my house!!!!    : )


Kaymin Kantina said...

I had that same problem during my lunch yesterday - but I ended up at Michaels and picked up 2 of the new carts.......I'm sure you're create some amazing things with your new toys though! :)
Hugs & Happy Days!

Steph said...

Awesome, don't you just love eBay?? :] Have fun with your new carts!