Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Crop ~ Michigan!

These albums are the "product" of my weekend away!  The first one is made using old CD's that people leave in the rental cars where I work...  I use my tin-snips to cut a straight "side" and then once I cover both sides of the CD I use my Bind-It-All to put the holes for the "O Ring" wires! 

The second album is for my dog Gunner!  He's as much a part of our family as my kids and husband are!  LOL  Sometimes, I think he actually understands us better than we understand ourselves! 
The "pages" in this album are chipboard...  I simply "decorated" each page and made it my own!  There is a lot of layering in this album! 
My favoritest page is the one with the Christmas hat and googly eyes... THAT WERE GIVEN TO ME BY THE AMAZING *MELISSA ALLORE* BECAUSE SHE HAD AN EXTRA SET THAT HER WONDERFUL MOTHER PICKED UP FOR HER!!!!    : )  

The third album is another CD album....  these are so simple to do!  I love them! 

Check my Facebook page....  the two CD albums will be posted for sale! 
(the dog album is NOT for sale!) 

Happy Scrapping!!!  : )


Melissa said...

They are even more gorgeous in person!!!! You amaze me with the amount of details that you put into these!

How come I didn't get credit for the googly eyes in your post?!? :)

Cindy said...

um, hello?! you DID get credit for the googly eyes!!! READ THE RED BOLD PRINT!!! lol

Tanya said...

Wow, love them all!

Rhonda Emery said...

love love this book