Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flower Recipe....

I found this recipe years ago!  It's a little messy but it's fun to make and use and the results are beautiful!

1 slice of white bread
**remove the crust from the entire slice and tear into small pieces

1 tablespoon Elmer's Glue

Stir glue and bread together - being sure to cover all the bread with the glue.
Once all the pieces of bread are covered in glue, keep stirring it - don't be alarmed if it seems to want to crumble...  keep stirring and it will begin to form into a dough.  At this point, you will need to work the dough with your hands....  it should be very soft and pliable.

This is when you want to consider adding one or two drops of paint to give the dough color.  I have seperated the dough into 4 parts and made each part a different color depending on the project. 

Keep in mind, this recipe makes a considerable amount of dough if you are making tiny roses or other tiny flowers.

To make the roses.... just pull small - pea - size pieces of dough and roll into tiny balls
Press between thumb and fore-finger until thin, edges will be delicate - lightly roll this first press ball and "peel" the edges back slightly

For each "petal" you just roll into a ball and press like the first one - only you don't roll it....  you wrap it around the rolled center piece and keep doing this until it's the size you want....  gently peel back the edges of each petal as you add it.

Place a piece of waxed-paper on a cookie sheet and add the flowers as they are done.  Just set the cookie sheet in a dry location - somewhere out of way - and in a day or two your flowers will be dried and ready to use!

I'm thinking about doing a video for this....  if I do it will be posted sometime this weekend!

Thank You and Happy Scrapping!!!!

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Yep...I NEED a video!