Friday, April 29, 2011

It'll "BEEEEEE" so sweet...

..... to pass this award along!!

has awarded me a sweet blog award! 
Rebecca, Thank You so much!!! 
I truly appreciate it!

Make sure you stop at Buzzy Bee Designs
and check out Rebecca's blog! 
Also, make sure you share some {love} and leave her a comment!

I'm to share 8 things about myself and pass this along to several awesome bloggers!! 

1.  I'm celebrating my 41st Birthday this coming Monday!
2.  I {love} riding motorcycles!
3.  I {love} paper-crafting!
4.  I {love} spending time with my family!
5.  I {love} gardening!
6.  I {love} taking pictures of everything and anything!
7.  I {love} scrapbooking with my friends!
8.  I {love} trying new crafting techniques!

now for the hard part.....
 I follow a lot of blogs and think that each and everyone
of them are awesome so let me just say this, all the blogs I
follow should get this award! But, to follow the rules...
here's my list.....

I know there are many many  more awesome blogs out there...  but right now, I need to get busy on a project for tomorrows Disney Pixar Blog Hop II before it's too late!  lol 

Happy Scrapping!

Don't forget to join my Saturday and Sunday for a weekend of FUN & PRIZES!!!!

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