Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love & Adore U

This is one of those projects I woke up during the night dreaming about!  lol  Yesterday I had to change a picture frame that was broke - but I couldn't throw it away! It was a cheap Dollar Store frame but it still had such potential! 

It's a 5x7 frame - the outside edge measures 6x8  - I cut two pieces of chipboard and adhered them together to make the back sturdier.  I covered the front side with patterned paper and just began adding all the various elements!
I used "Country Life" and "George" to make this shadow  box!

These flowers are so easy to make!  This is where "George" came in!  I cut a circle at 3inches for each flower - used a pencil to lightly draw a spiral on the back side and used that as a guide to cut the cirlce into a spiral.  Starting with the very outter edge of where I began cutting the spiral I starting rolling it - trying to keep the bottom side fairly even  - when I get close to the end I put a little hot-glue on the bottom-side of the rolled spiral and the last bit of spiral just overlaps the bottom.  I dug these little pearl beads out of my button jar and hot-glued them in the centers.

This is the flower at the top but I wanted you to see the little crocheted circles under the flower!  A few years ago my husband and I were at an auction and I bought this giant barrel of crafting stuff - when I got it home and emptied the barrel, I found a lot of little "extras"!  Someone had crochted all these little flowers and so I finally decided I would use some of them!  These particular goodies were perfect for this project!

The lace and the little pink ribbon roses down the right-side of the pic were from my stash.  The "ADORE" card was in my stash too.  I used my scissors to distress the edge of the card and then inked it with brown ink.

The banner and "LOVE" are from "Country Life".  So is the "U".  The "U" is cut at 2 inches.  The banner is cut at 2 inches and the letters are 1 inch  The "&" symbol is from "George" and is also 1 inch.  All the buttons are from my stash.

This pic is to help show the depth of the project.  By putting a larger back on the frame, it opens up the inside of frame to use as a small shadow box.  This is going in my daughter's room! 

I have altered a lot of different things but this is the first time I have done one of these!  It was super easy and super fun!  I think I'll be making more of these for gifts!

Happy Scrapping!


Celia said...

Looks great!! Very creative, Cindy!!

Kristie said...

This is beautiful! Love those flowers!

BunnyFreak said...

Great framed art.

WhichCraft-Liz said...

beautiful! Isn't it great when dreams come true! lol The flowers are so nice...:)


Crystal said...

girl! it's been too long! miss you so much! love this project too! those flowers make me SWOON! big hugs cutie! xoxo!

Melissa said...

This is stunning Cindy!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sooooo beautiful

shelly said...

very pretty!