Friday, December 16, 2011

Camo Quilt

Two weeks ago my son finally tells me what I can get him for Christmas ~ he asked me to make him a quilt!  He's 23 years old and 6'4"...  so you know this has to be a big quilt... not a lap quilt or a throw! 

No Pressure!  lol

Anyways, I decided I could do this!  *yikes* I mean, my Christmas shopping is already done and I have a few cookies already baked so what else is there to do?  Hahahaha!  Yea, right?!  Well, let's see....  I realized Wednesday morning that #1 I totally forgot to do any Chirstmas cards! #2 My tree isn't even up yet! #3 I don't have anything wrapped yet! 

I have been in my "craft room" (it should truly be declared a disaster zone!) cutting and sewing like a crazy woman since Sunday morning!!  It took me a couple days to get everything gathered up for this project because like any normal young man his age......  he asked for it to be done in CAMOFLAUGE!  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find camoflauge material that you can make into a quilt?!  Everything was either t-shirt material or fleece!  I started picking up fat-quarters (since JoAnn's had them on sale!  *YAY*)  in greens and browns just incase I couldn't get my chubby little fingers on any camo fabric!  Well, I managed to get enough fabric and camo fabric to get started.

I have half of the top already assembled and will be finishing that this evening so I can start basting and quilting tomorrow morning!  I have already pre-warned my husband NOT to make any plans for me  this weekend because I just don't have the time to do anything until I get this done!  And one way or another.......  my son will be getting his camoflauge quilt for Christmas 2011 !!!! 

 I found this pattern in a magazine I recently bought and although that one was done in bright colors (and it's beautiful!) when I seen it I knew that was the pattern I was going to be using!  It's really pretty simple.  Rather than trying to post all the directions, I'm just going to share the link...      Don't you just LOVE that quilt?!  I love the vibrant colors!  It has a "playful" feel to it!  Anyways, I know that the browns and greens and camo in mine don't give you that same "playful" feeling....  but to me it's "warm" and inviting. 

Well, I need to get back to work......  I'm forced to work a full-time job so I can afford to CREATE!!!!  lol  I will definately try to post a few pics once it's fully completed but until then.......  HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!

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Melissa said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love that pattern! I would like one in burgandy and green colors please! :)