Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ugh!! I told you I couldn't wait!!!

I knew that I couldn't wait a year to finish this quilt!  lol  There's no way!  I'm way too impatient!  Well, because of that "lovely trait" I now have to re-do my two January BOM's!  Plus, I have to start all over with fabric selection!  ugh?!   Oh well, I do it to myself!

Anyways, here it is!  Here's my Wonky Quilt - as a tribute to the Pittsburgh Steelers! 

All that's left is the layering, quilting & binding and then it's ready for me to use!!


Alwayscharlie said...

Well the Steelers were a little 'wonky' today. LOL We'll get em next year!

Cindy said...

you got that right! they were def "wonky"! lol that was nerve wracking! i should have stayed in my craftroom and finished the goofy thing! it would have been less stressful that watching that game! lol

Becky Dunham said...

Beautiful quilt Cindy! I am a Steelers fan too and my daughter was actually crying over the game today :) I was working so unable to see it, but it must have been a nailbiter with that OT score!