Monday, March 31, 2008

**Happy Monday**

Well, today is the last day of March... time is just really flying by... A few weeks ago someone on the Cricut MB issued an April challenge... it could be what ever you wanted it to be... some chose a shopping ban, some chose to use the month of April to "organize" their scrapping rooms while others committed to complete a certain amount of items. I am one that committed to completeing something... that something would be to get as much of my son's album done as humanly possible... I'm only up to age 5 and he just recently turned 19!!! I'm only a "little" behind! Well, so far I keep looking at all the stuff in my room and so far I have yet to start! I guess I better get it in gear!!!

This means that my plan for tomorrow is to start... where exactly I am not sure... but I will be starting... the pictures are sorted... the adhesive is ready... the Cricut is chirping... I'll have to wash a few loads of laundry... then I guess between folding everything I'll be putting these pages together...

The page above this posting is of my son when he was 4... he had just gotten this Jeep for his Birthday and absolutely loved it! I think you can tell that by the expression on his face! : ) I wanted to make this page simple yet fun... I think I accomplished that... I scanned the original photo and cropped it, converted it to black & white and enlarged it... hence the background behind the "Jeep"... I just love the facial expression!!!!
I am thinking about doing some LO's for my Etsy shop... I've been designing and drawing and redesigning... but I'm not sure yet... I'm open to suggestions and thoughts!
I hope everyone has a Creative Day!!!!

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