Friday, April 18, 2008

Tried Something NEW!!

OK... I'm not afraid to admit when I've made a mistake or even done something wrong... and for those of you that are... PLEASE... learn to laugh at yourself and the things you do!!!

I keep seeing all these adorable "tear bears" that people are making and using them on their LO's and whatnot... so being the person that I am I decided that I wanted to try this too! To start with, I had NO idea where to start! LOL Those wonderful ladies ( & gents ) on the Cricut MB apparently have the same questions that I have... so this is a good thing! Anyways, yesterday someone asked how to make these tear bears... I found this thread to be very interesting and helpful. Someone was kind enough to post instructions so I read them a couple of time and thought to myself that "YES, I can do this!"

Ok, so I get the Mulberry Paper and made myself some "pattern" pieces and played around with those last evening... I woke up very early this morning and thought that since it was quiet I would go downstairs and give it a try... LOL I got out my paintbrush... a little cup of water... a soft toothbrush (no, it doesn't belong to anybody! ) and I proceed to make the head... well, if you've scolled down already then you know what kind of mess I made... the poor thing looks like it got it's head shaved rather than fuzzed!!! OMG!!

Now, I posted this on the Cricut MB and asked for help... would you believe these ladies actually LAUGHED at me!!! LOL Hey, I even laughed at myself!!!! I found out that I was supposed to wait until it DRIED to make it fuzzy! Oh... what a mess I've made! Glad I bought extra sheets!!!

Enjoy this because I'm going to keep practicing until I get it right! I'll post these as I go along for things "NOT" to do!!!

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