Friday, July 18, 2008

**~This is ADDICTING!!!!~**

OMG! I checked out Melissa's blog (DisneyDreamerDesigns) and ever since she got it up and running she has just "run away" with it! It looks awesome Melissa! So you've inspired to me to add a little "fun" to my own blog! I love to listen to music while I'm scrapping or painting or whatever it is I'm doing at the time.... so I thought I'd share a little!


Wife2TJ said...

Me too. I just love these new blog backgrounds they are just so much fun and it's great we can really personalize them more. I love your background!

Melissa said...

My blog would still be just a name, family pic and profile if it weren't for you! lol

You gave me that extra push to feel confident enough to explore and give it my own special touch!

Thank you Cindy!