Wednesday, September 3, 2008

**~ Hello! ~**

I hope everyone is getting back into the swing of things now that the kids are back to school! I know we are trying to! My DD is now playing Tennis for the High School - it's her very first year and she seems to really enjoy it! That and the fact that she started High School this year.... she's was SO ready to go back to school! I almost couldn't wait to send her! LOL : )

I don't seem to have gotten much crafting done in the last few weeks... but then again that could be because I've been making LO's for all these recipe swaps I either signed up for or started! LOL Like I don't have enough to do!!! : ) Then to top it all off.... I started a Fall and a Christmas Paint Can Swap! I couldn't believe the amount of people that signed up for these!!! We have 30-some people in the Fall swap and 75 people in the Christmas swap!!! I'm just totally amazed! I never dreamed it would be such a huge hit! I'm glad it is though! It's a chance to get to know one another! I recently finished my Fall can and I'm patiently waiting to mail it! I haven't taken any pictures of it yet but I will and I'll post them here along with the directions!

BTW.... if you are ever looking for a gift idea for someone.... a decorated paint can is a wonderful idea! You can do so much with this and fill it with all sorts of great things!!!! I'm actually thinking about making one for each of the ladies in the office at the High School my DD attends... my DH works there too so this would be a good thing either way!!! Especially since I know how he loves to tease & torment everyone! ; ) I'll probably to the smaller cans for them since I'll need to do several.... that would be a great Christmas gift for them! I'm going to have to start planning now! LOL : )

IDK if my SS is getting a chance to check out my blog lately... but Melissa.... if you are reading this..... I'm glad you finally made it back home! I think I read somewhere that during the month of August you were only home THREE days!!! WOW!!!! Girl you need to slow down!!! LOL

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! : )


Robyn said...

I played tennis my freshman year in HS, too. I absolutely loved it!!!! Then of course I chose cheerleading over it later but I still love to play.

Melissa said...

I'm reading it Cindy and I'm glad to be home too!!!

I haven't created anything since July and I'm going through some serious withdrawls!

So what better way to celebrate getting back into scrapping than to have you jump in the car and join me at the weekend crop next week! SERIOUSLY!!!! You've been working 3 jobs and you deserve it! There's a spot for you!!!!