Thursday, September 4, 2008

**~ Fall Paint Can ~**

This is my very first decorated paint can! I'm so pleased with the way it turned out! Not to mention that it was so easy to do! : ) Because I haven't mailed it out yet I can't tell you who it's for but it is filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies for a very special person!

I set up a a Fall Paint Can Swap on the Cricut MB... the response was tremendous! So many ladies signed up for this! I couldn't believe it!!! : )

You start out with an un-used paint can - we used the gallon size. These can be found at most local hardware stores or paint stores but also at Lowe's or Home Depot usually for around $3.00. So you can see from the start that this is really an inexpensive project... which is what we like! ; )

Measure your paper to fit around your can. I used three solid colors of basic cardstock- Terra Cotta, Mocha Brown & Golden Yellow. For the bottom piece (Terra Cotta) I ran this thru my Cuttle Bug using my Swiss Dots folder. The top piece (Golden Yellow) I also ran this thru my Cuttle Bug but used my Perfectly Paisley folder. Then because of the handle (which when you purchase an empty can the handle is usually stored inside the can) I used a circle punch to put the holes in for the area where the handle is attached. The middle piece (Mocha) I stamped with a rubber stamped the says "Cherish" using Staz-On Timber Brown ink then I ran this thru my Cuttle Bug using the Perfectly Paisley folder. I then used a fine nail file to "sand" the paper giving it a slightly "lighter" appearance on the embossed (raised) areas. I also used the Staz-On Timber Brown ink to "ink" the sides.

You can see the embossing in this picture better. The leaves that are attached to the can are just from WalMart - they were $1.00 for a pkg of 80 leaves. I added glitter to them to give the project a little sparkle! : ) I added a sheer brown ribbon around the bottom to break-up that solid color a little and just tied a knot on the front of it.

For the tag on the can... I wanted it to be "personal" for the receipient. I used a chipboard alphabet letter - I glued patterned paper to the chipboard and then popped the letter out - used my nail file to "sand" the inside edges of the letter. I glued a piece of Mocha cardstock to the back after I used my Cuttle Bug on it with the Swiss Dots folder and then inked the dots with Staz-On Timber Brown ink. I cut a tiny flower out of vellum and glittered the tips and then glued "skittles" in the other corners. Using the same sheer brown ribbon that was used on the bottom section I cut a 6 inch piece of ribbon - tied a knot in the middle of it and just glued it to the back of the tag. This is attached to the can using foam adhesive squares.

In the first picture you can see the ribbon tied to the handle. I used the sheer brown ribbon and also sheer brown with polka dots.

Again, this was a very simple project and I'm pleased with the results! : )



~ŠǿƒŧβŖñ™~ said...

I'm also pleased!!.. LMAO!

SnoFlak said...

I didn't think you'd go look at it! : ) But you don't know what's IN it!!!! LOL

britt said...

cute cute cute!!!

Cheri said...

Beautiful Can!!!

Melissa said...

Well look at you go!!!! Why is Soft pleased? Is it for her?

SnoFlak said...

yeah! it's for her! I have her for the Fall Paint Can Swap!

Me and Lili Cie said...

Your family and creations are beautiful....... :)

Kimberly said...

what a beautiful can! TFS!

Kelly aka chantryss said...

Love the paint can! I haven't made one of those yet...but it sure looks pretty!