Saturday, October 11, 2008

**~ Benefit Auction ~**

Late last week a 10 year old little girl from our area was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma... this is a rare form of cancer that affects children. Her family dr was treating her for asthma - to which she was getting no relief... her parents took her back to the dr's and this time he ordered lung x-rays... this is when he found the spots on her lungs. They immediately took her to Pittsburgh and was only there a short time when the dr's there diagnosed her with this disease.

Her mom is a 2nd grade teacher here in our school district (my mom is the Aide in her room) and also coaches the girls Varsity Volleyball team. Her dad has a local body shop and also is the asst coach for the girls Varisty Softball team. You can see that this family is involved with kids pretty much all the time..... as well as having two daughters of their own.

We live in a "small" community.... the kind of community where everybody knows everybody and so this has hit our "small" community pretty hard. Everybody is praying earnestly for this little girl and her family. There have already been several fund-raisers set-up to help with the expenses of their travel to & from Pittsburgh (we live about 2 1/2 to 3 hours from Pittsburgh) and various other expenses they will incur with this.

I would like to contribute something as well.........

About two months ago I hosted an "Appetizer Swap" on the Cricut MB and had such a great response.... as well as great recipe LO's submitted. We had one person that wasn't able to complete hers and so there was a whole set left over.... I asked the ladies if they would mind if I donated them to a local charity to be used for raising funds.... everyone agreed. When I checked with these local organizations nobody had anything planned (or even in the planning stages) for any events any time soon. So I've held onto these fantastic LO's.

What are these "LO's"? I'm glad you asked! They are recipes done like scrapbooking pages. They measure 8x8 and are absolutely beautiful! They come from all over the United States and I would like to do a "Silent Auction" for a set of these to raise some $$ for this precious family. All you have to do is submit your "bid" (along with your name & address) to my email address..... and when the "Silent Auction" is closed I will go thru all of the bids and the highest bidder wins the LO's. I'm going to open the auction for a two week period.... these will be packaged carefully so that when you receive them all you would have to do is have an 8x8 album to put them in! : )

If you go to this link.... you'll be able to see all of the LO's that are included in this auction. Please keep in mind that this auction is for the ENTIRE SET!
You'll have to scroll down to about post # 188 (or something like that but they are all there!)

Check it out! This is for an amazing little girl so don't be afraid to bid! Final payment can be made thru Paypal and a check will be presented to the family!

Happy Bidding!

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