Saturday, December 27, 2008

**~ Yuck! ~**

... ok ... so I'm whining a little.......... : (

Have you ever just "craved" a good cup of coffee... or even an Iced Coffee?

Well, this morning on my way to work I was really thirsty for an Iced Coffee.... our local McDonalds recently started offering these so I thought, "hmmmm, I'll stop and get one!"

I was extremely disappointed.... to say the least.......

I placed my order.... pull up to the next window... and just wait.... for several minutes.... I had plently of time to still get to work so waiting wasn't an issue.... this long-haired kid comes to the window with this cup that is only about 2/3 of the way filled.... no ice... no whipped cream.... and he starts to hand it out the window to me.... I didn't reach for it because I wasn't accepting HALF of what I had paid for.... I was polite... honestly I was! I got the feeling he was "new" there so I smiled and asked if he was going to finish making my Iced Coffee by putting the ICE in it and adding the whipped cream..... "Oh, I forgot!", he says..... so he disappears with my cup and brings it back with a little plop of whipped cream and says here you go!

There is still NO ICE in the "ICED COFFEE"..... Hello?! Did I miss something here? Isn't an Iced Coffee supposed to be a COLD drink?!

By this time... I was just really disappointed and really just wanted to leave before I ended up screaming at him about his hideous version of an "Iced Coffee"!!!!!

I finally get to my office and I kinda dreaded even tasting this thing that I had been craving all morning..... so can we all say "YUCK"?!?!?! I had to go in search of the ice machine and fix the drink myself.... obviously it tastes much better cold!!!!

... ok ... i'm done whining for the moment!


all4sydney said...

Oh my!! Sorry you had such a bad experience!! I have tried them and when they are made CORRECTLY :) they are delicious!!

hollygtn said...

Unbelievable! Hey, since I was recently laid off I had to give up my daily coffee run. I had already switched from Starbucks to McD's...until SB came out w/ the Vivano (bananna/choc)...anyway I bought a coffee machine. Thanks to help from the CMB I didn't give up on figuring out how to make it. Now I use 2TBS of SB coffee, 6 ounces of cold water. Then I fill the 12 once glass up to about 10 ounces w/ ice. Then I add half and half cream and 2TBS of sugar free vanilla syrup from SB. Tastes just like the McD's. Couldn't resist sharing when I read your post!

KweenScrapper69 said...

that is just nasty!
I would have asked him yet again! (and would prob. TRY to stay "nice"...but won't be) LOL!
sorry that happened

Norine said...

sorry I know how that is to really want something and than get yuck instead LOL