Wednesday, February 18, 2009

**~ Last Bunny Card ~**

LOL..... I know.... ENOUGH OF THE BUNNIES ALREADY!!! LOL...... at this very moment I should be done with my Easter cards! Or at least I think I am?! LOL

This stamp just cracks me up!!!! I love the bunny squeezing the other bunny in a hug! If you look close enough... I used puffy-glittery fabric paint for their bellies and their tails... this will go to my hubby for Easter! : )


Kaymin Kantina said...

I LOVE your huggin' bunnies (and all the bunny cards you did!).

Who makes these adorable bunny stamps?
Hugs - Min

SnoFlak said...

Thanks Min! They are all High Hopes stamps.... if you go to the right side of my blog some where in the midst of my fav blogs to visit list they are are in there! LOL Thanks for looking! I appreciate your kinds words! : )

Crystal said...

Too cute!! I love, love, love it!!!

N2ScrapN4Fun said...

This is too cute! I really enjoyed visting your blog. You've got some really pretty cards.