Wednesday, February 18, 2009

**~ Sympathy Card ~**

... we lost a loved one from our church family on Sunday morning.... he has left behind a wife that loves him very very much..... his passing really breaks my heart because on Sunday mornings they would always sit about two rows back and across the isle from us and at any given time you could look back and see Bob and Clistie holding hands..... it was always so sweet... and it reminded me to cherish even the littlest of things that are exchanged between a husband and a wife.... a quick smile.... holding hands.... a hug or a kiss..... even a text message while I'm sitting at work!


Crystal said...

I love this card. I think it is absolutely gorgeous and expresses so much in a beautiful, simple way. Next time I need a sympathy or thinking of you card, I am definitely borrowing your idea, Cindy!! You are so creative!

Jenny said...

Beautiful card! I just lost my grandmother this last week and I went to Idaho for the funeral. I will get you my design challenge (it will be 1 day late!) sorry about that! This card is so perfect for someone who is grieving!

Zoe said...

love it.