Saturday, April 2, 2011

Last card for the night...

LOL!   This is my last card for the day!  I've been in my scrap room since 8:30 this morning and it's been {GREAT!} I've had all day to play and it's been awesome! 

There is no recipe for this card because.... this Pooh was cut so long ago....  like, I'm talking at least a year or so ago!  lol  Every now and again, I will cut something that just won't work with what I'm doing so I file them away until I can figure out another use for it! 

Anywhoooo!   Here's my 2nd Pooh card for the day!  Enjoy!


Marcia said...

A great card! I have Disney Classics and have made a few cuts, but I am finding it hard to make new designs even though I love the images. Nice work!

BunnyFreak said...

Very cute. Love him with flowers.