Saturday, January 7, 2012

Craftsy Block Of the Month #2

As promised...  here's the 2nd block for the month of January over at the CRAFTSY site.  The instructor is the awesome Amy Gibson and if you would like to check out her personal website just click on her name!  I promise you won't be disappointed!

None of us that are signed up for Amy's class over at Craftsy are sure what our BOM Quilts are going to look like in the end and because I'm somewhat of an impatient person I think I'm going to create another set of these blocks for the BOM project and then just keep going with the "wonky" blocks I've started and get this Steelers Quilt finished!  I have a few ideas up my sleeve for some other crazy blocks and I'm looking forward to wrapping up in it while I watch the Steelers roll into the Super Bowl and go for that extra ring! 

 Here's a shot of both blocks together ~ Amy will be assigning two blocks per month and truth be told, she could assign two a week! They are so easy - and that makes it fun! Let's face it, quilting can be a little intimidating! But with Amy's instruction, it's more fun than not! 
I came to the conclusion some time ago that quilting is a lot like scrapbooking....  there's no right way or wrong way!  But rather, your own interpretation of whatever you're creating! Join us if you'd like!  It's FREE....  it's FUN....  and you will LEARN so much! 

Make sure you come on back to see whatelse I've got going on and don't forget to stop by in February to see the next BOM's!


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Alwayscharlie said...

Yeah for the Black and Gold!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!! You can be waving those blocks along with your Terrible Towel tomorrow!!