Saturday, January 21, 2012

Such a Proud Momma!

I'm so proud of my daughter!  She makes an effort to "try" whatever I'm doing or making at the time....  whether it's scrapbooking...  painting... cooking... quilting... but her patience and attention sometimes runs short and she loses interest. LOL  She's 18...  a Senior in high school, an Honor Student, works a part-time job, has a boyfriend and is active in various sports....  so she's a pretty busy girl!  We went shopping out by Pittsburgh about three-weeks before Christmas and of course we hit up the giant JoAnn's in Greensburg!  I could have spent all day there!  LOL  I had a mission and a fist-full of coupons!  I was in search of the camo fabric for my son's Christmas quilt and my daughter was just looking around, waiting on me to get done. She was asking me questions about quilting and while I was trying to explain some things to her,  we came across some packets of "BOM's" that were on clearance sale.  She fell in love with the colors and asked if I would mind if she tried it.  Well, HELLO?!?!  I was thrilled!  This was one more thing we could share!  She was all pumped to do this!  I showed her how to hand-sew the pieces and to work at keeping the stitches small and in a straight line.  She did really well with it.  But.....  like most things that are tiny and time-consuming.....  she put it aside and forgot about it.

Well, this morning I finally decided I was sick of looking at it laying on my scrapbooking table and asked her what she was going to do with it or did she just want me to finish it and be done with it?  Nope.  SHE was going to finish it!!  I offered to show her how to use my new sewing machine.....  *cringe*.....  lol   I turned the speed down, wound a bobbin and showed her what to do.  She took off from there! She would stitch a seam and then go press (or "set" ) it.    The whole time I'm just smiling and loving every minute of this!  Yes, she had to tear out a few seams and wasn't happy about it but once she realized that you can't just slap it together and that you really had to take your time and line up the seams and keep your stitching consistant and even...  she kept that momentum going and actually finished it!!!  And it's BEAUTIFUL!!! 

When we picked up the BOM packet we also got an extra blue & green FQ  because the actual finished square was only 8 inches.  The red printed fabric in the corners was from my stash but the red was a perfect match to the red square in the center.  I should mention that the BOM packet had pieces for TWO 8 inch blocks so she made both and used them to make a pillow.

I think she did a fabulous job on this and I couldn't be more proud of her and her first quilting project! She just need to hand-stitch the bottom closed and it will completed! 

Great Job, Stacie!  You done a great job on this!
Love, Mom!


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