Saturday, May 19, 2012


as much as I love my husband......  he's about to get slapped up side the head!!!  grrrr!  he's been in a foul mood for several days and it's starting to irritate me!  

for years, everytime my husband eats something he gives the last bite to our dog......  he's the only person the dog begs from like this!  but then he gets pissed at the dog for begging?!  what the heck?!  YOU made him that way! 

if you choose to sit and eat a fist full of cookies and they crumble all over the place..... dont shove the remaining cookies into the dogs face so they fall to pieces all over the damn floor then get mad about it!  ugh?!

sorry........  if I don't vent here i'm liable to actually slap him!  lol

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