Friday, December 30, 2011


Paper or Fabric....  I {love} to play with SCRAPS!!!  My husband asked me this morning if "my room" is now a quilting room...  well, one side is!  lol  the other side is reserved for scrapbooking and cardmaking ~ or whatever else I'm working on! 

Much like my addiction to scrapbooking and paper and adhesive and all those gorgeous embellishments ...  I am also addicted to buttons and fabric and thread and creating!  lol

I know where these addictions come from...  and I have no intention of giving them up!  hahaha!  I can remember spending a lot of time with my great-grandmother when I was a child.  She taught me how to "darn" a sock, sew on a button, shuffle cards (and play a few card games!) and crochet.  She even got down on the floor with me and taught me how to play jacks!  These weren't ordinary jacks....  she kept a little rubber ball for me to play with but our jacks were made out of buttons!  She was so creative!  I miss her and think of her often!


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