Sunday, January 1, 2012

**Happy New Year**

Happy New Year to all my friends & family!  May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams in 2012!

As usual, we got together with some very dear friends for New Year's Eve and we always have a good time with them!  Laughing and catching up on all the things that transpired during the outgoing year! 

I've been feeling a lot better physically than I was a few months ago so that means I'll be getting a LOT of projects completed that I started at various times!  I'm looking forward to it!  In 2012 you will be seeing a lot of completed goodies that I have stashed away in my room!  Quilts...  scrapbooking items... cards...

I'm not sure if I'm off to a good start or not though! lol I'm having an allergy attack and it's really irritating me.... drippy nose... itchy throat... sneezing... not how I want to start my new year! lol oh well! If I count my blessings they far out-weigh any allergy attack I can have! So bring it on! 2012... I'm looking forward to all you have instore for me!! 


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