Thursday, January 26, 2012

I've been playing with new patterns!

New to ME, that is!  LOL  I happened to hit JoAnn's at the perfect time because not only was I armed with a fist full of coupons this weekend...  they had a TON of stuff on sale at really good markdowns!  I was excited because this is the chance I had been waiting for!  The chance to try new things!!!

 Have you ever seen something made by someone else and you're just in complete awe by the beauty?

Or seen something with about a GAZILLION tiny pieces in it and thought to yourself, "good grief?! I could never do that!" 

Well, that's sort of how I have been feeling about some of these gorgeous quilt patterns I keep drooling over!   A few nights ago I found an awesome tutorial on the 'Lil Twister pattern and WOW!!!  Talk about SUPER EASY!!!  *I'll share that link as soon as I can find it again!   Click HERE for awesome tutorial!

Of course, this 'Lil Twister is a 'lil elusive!  I've never seen this template anywhere so where did I go to get it?  EBAY of course!  All I did was type in "quilt supplies" and VOILA!!  There it was!  With a pretty little "Buy Me Now" button right beside it!  lol   The price was right so I hit that button!  Now this was Sunday evening...  I was supposed to be "watching" the football game but who can watch a stinking football game when your team isn't playing?!  I can't!!  lol  anyways....  like I said, that was Sunday evening and here it is....  Wednesday....  and my 'Lil Twister is in my mailbox!!!  Just waiting for me to use it!  And use it, I did!!! 

I've been playing with pinks and greens for about a week now so I figured I'd keep right on going with that theme! 

Here's my version of a 'Lil Twister.....

I've been making  placemats for my kitchen in the pinks & greens so I'm thinking this will be going in the center of my table!  : ) 

Last night I was playing with these little hexagon pieces...  you know, the ones we're supposed to measure our fabric around, cut it out, then run a basting stitch around it, then iron it, then attempt to dig that little plactic piece out!  Yea, well....  it didn't go exactly as planned!  I tried to follow the instructions!  Honestly, I did!  But when it got to the point where I was supposed to dig out that little plastic hexagon...  it just wasn't happening!  I couldn't get it out!  I used the little stick-thingy that comes with the shapes and well..........  that was a joke!  I'm sorry to say but that was one of my LEAST favorite pieces to create!  So I got the bright idea to use the shapes to cut out my pieces but instead of standing on my head to get them un-done I decided to use them for pressing purposes and that seems to work pretty well for me! 

Here are a few that I did last night. I'm in the process of making quilts for each of my 2 lovely nieces and their little brother.  Hope, the oldest, loves the color yellow so hers will be in shades of yellow.  Megan, the middle one, loves the color pink...  guess what color her's is going to be?!  lol  So what I've been doing is trying out all these new quilt patterns and making two of everything....  one in PINK and one in YELLOW....  these are definately going into the girls quilts!

These next two blocks are also going into the girls quilts!  It's the same pattern as the 'Lil Twister but on a larger version!  The actual size of the finished square is 13". 

Happy Quilting!!


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